1998 - 2013

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

My name is John just a concerned citizen of the world doing my best to make it a little better.

When did you start this web site?

In the summer of 1998 in August right before leaving one job to go onto another.

What is the purpose of AskJohn.com?

To experiment with things and provide some interesting pages to present on the 'net.

Do you have other web sites?

I have lots of web sites and have helped people create amazing web sites since 1998. And developed my first web page back in the early 90s. I lost the page unfortunately or misplaced it, but it is stored on one of my hard drives sitting in a cardboard box somewhere. When I retire I will scour through all of my storage to find it maybe.


What is your favorite thing in life?

To create things, music, art, web sites, computer programs, and spend time with my family.